A glimpse of the history of a legacy …

The Garumuni Family, a highly respected and a noteworthy family of the Southern Province Balapitiya, was led by thriving business for generations. The legendary man Garumuni Karolis De Silva, father of young Garumuni Peter De Silva was a highly business minded and a striving professional. Mr. Karolis De Silva and his brothers owned a variety of wholesale supermarkets in Amabalangoda in the 1800s. Unfortunately, Mr. Karolis De Silva passed away while Peter was very young. After his father’s untimely death, young Peter was destined to start from the very beginning. At the age of 18 after finishing school, G.P De Silva began an interest in Cinnamon. The trust and the faith other businessmen had built for his father helped young Peter and with his utter courage and determination, in 1942 he started to buy and sell cinnamon in the local market.

After a while, still at the growing stages in the industry he met Miss. Leela De Zoysa, his loving wife. After a few years of marriage, was born Mr. Garumuni Edward Lal De Silva, a willing and an eager son and a bright light that dawned upon Mr. G. P De Silva. At this point, Mr. G.P De Silva had his own office space, storage premises and an established trustworthy set of clients. Mr. G.P provided to Exporters with loose bales of Cinnamon in large volumes at this time.

After school years, Mr. Lal De Silva joined his father at 22 years of age which instigated the journey to reaching global markets which was the next step into expansion. Mr. Lal De Silva, a master mind in the field of business brought the company to higher levels along with his father. Along with his eldest son, Mr. G.P De Silva traveled back and forth to Colombo, met with potential buyers and searched for ways to ship cinnamon overseas day and night. The hard work and the sacrifice finally paid off when the two met with a gentleman that helped them to send the first shipment of True Cinnamon to Chile. Thus began the journey abroad to acquire the international market for True Cinnamon. After the shipment to Chile, G.P.D.S began shipping in large volumes mainly to Mexico, the South American region, U.S.A, Spain and other European countries.

In the mean time, was born Mr. G Ravi De Silva and Mr. Garumuni Nihal De Silva, two equally ambitious sons that joined the Business after their school years. Mr. G Ravi De Silva joined the company after completing his Studies towards the retirement of Mr. G.P De Silva. Mr. Ravi and Mr. Lal along with their father initiated viable strategies towards the success of the company. Mr. G Ravi De Silva was able to open a branch office in Los Angeles, CA later as a vital step into expansion of the company. With the opening of the branch he was able to attract more buyers, reach vital markets and solve shipment issues around the area of the U.S, Mexican and South American Ports.

Mr. Nihal De Silva joined the company with the passing away of Mr. G.P De Silva. Mr. Nihal made the necessary steps towards the improvement and maintaining the quality standards of production factories and the supply of Cinnamon. Mr. Nihal along with his brothers was able to initiate ISO certified processing factories and improve the productivity of the plantations. He was able to establish a strong, trustworthy relationship with Suppliers which has made the company receive quality goods on time. 

Along with Mr. G.P De Silva and his three sons G.P De Silva & Sons International Pvt Ltd, flourished in the industry ultimately becoming No. 1 in Sri Lanka. Mr. G.P De Silva the pioneer, having done a vast service to his family, society and to the Cinnamon industry passed away in his late 60s. He was immensely happy and relieved at the time of his death to see that his sons have progressed to be ethical, successful and gifted individuals. Mr. G.P De Silva’s youngest son, Mr Garumuni Anura De Silva a mastermind in the field of medicine was also able to bring utter pride to the family having achieved the highest levels in higher education and is a Specialized Physician in New York, USA today.

After Mr. G.P De Silva’s passing away, began the era of his sons to continue the Garumuni legend. G.P De Silva & Sons have improved tremendously today receiving many awards, international recognition, dominating in the industry and acquiring many other business entities and standardizing the industry of cinnamon.